Carole van Bekkum - DreamCatch - by CBNWS

Meeting Carole van Bekkum, Creative Director DreamCatch

Creative director Carole van Bekkum lately joined an Amsterdam based design agency, that was about to undergo a major transformation. Together with the agency’s owner they decided to rebrand the company fundamentally. First of all, they created its new name, DreamCatch. Carole’s philosophy of dreams can be easily resumed as follows: dreams happen. Simultaneously, she visualised and realised DreamCatch to be her ideal working space. For Carole as well as for DreamCatch, this is a dream come true. Continue reading

Carole van Bekkum - DreamCatch

Shoot for the stars and land on the moon

Carole van Bekkum, creative director at DreamCatch, shows me a remade district of Rotterdam. Like in her design practice, leadership and creativity go hand in hand here. Even the locals participate in the making of their neighboorhood, by cultivating vegetable gardens. She has explained how her experiences in art school and at Philips Design culminated in the ultimate realisation of her dreams at DreamCatch. When asked about her passion, she instantly replies: Continue reading